You've probably heard of the phrase 'dress for the job you want', well I'm dressing for the season I want!! 
I am so over winter and ready for spring / summer right now! Winter is definitely my least favourite season, it's cold, dark, miserable and seems to last an eternity.
This look, inappropriate as it is for this current climate, is a bit of wishful thinking in hope of some warmer weather...

Last year I worked with the brand Motel Rocks and was sent some really cute things to style. So when they contacted me at the start of the year I was really excited to get some more pieces as there was loads I had my eye on. In particular was this long sleeved crop top with some embroidery detailing on the neckline, I do love a bit of embroidery as it lasts so much longer than a print as prints tend to crack and fade with each wash.  
I just love the overall simplicity of this top, it's minimal yet bold and will work with so many pieces in my wardrobe.  

I was initially going to style the top with my cargo pants but I'd worn them a lot recently and just really missed wearing skirts. As I was aiming for a spring vibe, all be it a goth one, with this look I decided to pull out my mini denim skirt, in black obviously! I found this cute little mini in Primark last year for £8! It's my go to skirt and the fit is perfect. I love it when I find a good, quality piece in Primark that will last, it's a great basic. 

To break up all that black I added my silver ASOS belt, it really nips you in at the waist and adds a bit more detail to the look. I carried on with the silver accents throughout my jewellery, I'm definitely a silver girl you'll rarely, if ever, see me in gold jewellery.     
As it's still pretty nippy out there I threw on a pair of fishnet tights with some warm fluffy socks under my docs and grabbed my beret to keep my head warm. (Hair clips are a great way to keep your beret on when it's windy outside and it looks really cute too!) It's mad how much warmer you feel when you wear a good pair of fluffy socks and a hat.
I love this look and have no regrets, despite freezing my tits off during this shoot! I'll definitely be wearing this again when the weather cheers up!
 It's quite a girly look for me but the fishnets and Dr Martens x Dolls Kill boots (which I'm still obsessed with BTW) really toughen up the whole look and give it an edge.
 I don't know about you but I always feel so much more positive and motivated when the weather is good and the sun is out. 
Hopefully we will get some better weather soon, if we don't I might cry!

Thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer