So last year I did this thing where I made a little recap of my outfits half way through the year, go check it out here if you haven't seen it.

I thought it was quite a cool thing to do, to be able to see all your outfits in one place. It's good for inspiration and to remind you of certain looks but it also shows your style evolution, which I personally find really interesting. 
Now I've been really bad recently at keeping up with my blog posts. I've shot a lot of outfits so far this year but I haven't got around to writing up posts for all of them yet so I've only been sharing them on my Instagram.At the start of the year I made a few goals, one of them being wear more colour... obviously that has gone out of the window, as you can clearly see, apart from a few appearances from the colour red. I'm still not over the all black thing and I don't think I ever will be really, at least I tried! 😅 I've been looking back on my recap post from last year and I can see how my style has gradually changed over this time and how my confidence has grown in what I wear. The older I get the less I seem to care about what others think, I am loving this attitude and it's really helped my style grow too.
So far this year I seem to have worn a lot of black, band t-shirts and PVC. Also not forgetting my New Rocks, I'm slightly obsessed, you may of noticed I'm wearing them in 11 out of 21 looks. At least I'm getting my moneys worth! 😂
It'll be fun to see what the rest of the year brings and how my style will change with it. I'll be back with my yearly one in 6 months time!

Thanks for reading,