BAG - TOPSHOP (charity shop find)

'Hello darkness my old friend...'
Yes, despite wanting to bring more colour into my wardrobe I have returned to an all black look this week, I just couldn't resist! 

So Valentines day is just around the corner and other than declaring my love for the colour black, I thought it would be cute to put together a little date night outfit...

Now I don't particularly celebrate valentines, but I do look forward to all the valentines inspired clothing and goodies that come out round this time of year. 

Last month Punky Pins sent me their new valentines range and it is honestly AMAZING! They never fail to impress with their funny, quirky and cute pins. I wish I could wear them all at once but for this outfit I picked out a few of my favourites:

BTW you can get 20% off this collection with the code: RIGHTINTHEFEELS up until valentines day!

For this outfit I've gone for a classic all black, velvet look. 
I love velvet and always have done, it's a gorgeous fabric so why not wear a whole outfit of it!? 

I found this blazer in Sainsbury's of all places. I've wanted a blazer for ages but I don't really dress up smart that often, it's just not me or my vibe. So when I found this relaxed fit, velvet one I knew I could work with it as it's a lot more casual and less structured than a typical blazer. 

As you can see I've attached my favourite valentine pins to the collar to give the look a pop of colour, and there is also one on my beret (I love styling pins onto hats, it makes them so much more interesting). 

Under the blazer I'm wearing a velvet crop top with this really cute cross-over detailing. Items like this are a great basic piece to have in your wardrobe, it will go with a lot of things and can be worn on its own or layered up with sheer or low cut top. 

 As for the rest of my outfit I went for a pair of high waisted velvet leggings, my favourite heels and this awesome Topshop bag. I actually found this bag in a charity shop for £2.75, absolute bargain! It's the only way I'll buy Topshop items as they are way too overpriced.

I really enjoyed putting together this look, I love it so much!
We all know I'm back in my element when it comes to an all black look!!

This is so different to my valentines inspired look last year, it's a lot more toned down but still just as cute.

So however your spending valentines, I hope you have a lovely day. 
Just think of it as a great excuse to go out and have a good time, stay in and binge on a takeaway or  to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Thanks for Reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer