I know, it's been done before a thousand times over but I couldn't resist doing a Wednesday Addams look this halloween.

There's a reason as to why so many people want to dress up as Wednesday, whether it's for halloween or cosplay. She is such an iconic character with an unforgettable look and she's oh so relatable!

This is such an easy halloween look to create as there isn't too many elements to it. All you need is the classic white collard, black dress. You can get these everywhere, I found this one on depop for a fiver! You'll also need a few props such as a skull or a bottle of poison, I found mine in Asda and Poundland.

For the hair I had to use a wig as I wanted to stay as true to the original look as much as possible. This is my first time wearing and styling a wig and considering it was a cheap one from Ebay I don't think I did too bad. It's so odd seeing myself without a fringe it's been years since I've been without one! It's amazing how much a wig can transform you. 

As for my makeup I decided to stick to one brand, this being Makeup Revolution as they are so affordable and their halloween collection is great! For foundation I used the Revolution Pro SFX White Base and the white powder to set it. For my eyes and eyebrows I used the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette in the shades 'Tainted' and 'Possessed', I also applied 'Tainted' to my forehead to create a widows peak. And finally for my lips I went for the Revolution Haunted Lipstick in 'Captivating Curse'.    

This is probably the easiest halloween look I've ever created. It's simple but so iconic, If you wear this to a halloween party everyone will know who you are. 

I loved creating this look it was fun and also really weird seeing how different I look in a wig! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to dress up for halloween.
Thanks for reading,


Photos by Jay Hillyer