It wouldn't be halloween if I didn't do a skeleton look now would it?! 

Over the past few years I've created a number of skull looks. I love to do them, they're really fun, easy to do and oh so creepy! The perfect halloween look!

There are so many variations you can do with this sort of look from a traditional realistic skull to a pop art inspired one and even a full on glitter and glam skull, the possibilities really are endless. 

This year I decided to go for a more realistic, creepy looking skull. To create this look I used several items from Makeup Revolution's halloween collection, it's such an affordable way to create something like this! 

So for the base I used the Revolution Pro SFX white liquid base and the white base powder to set it. Then using the Liner Revolution liquid eye liner in black I created the main skull outlines such as the eyes, cheekbones, nose and mouth. I then used the colour 'Tainted' from the Beautiful Darkness eye palette to fill these sections in and continued to use the palette with the shades 'Possessed', 'Sinister' and 'Apparation' to add details and shadows. Overall it took me about an hour and a half to get to the final look. The amount of time it takes really depends on how detailed you want your skull to be, and how much patience you have!

I finished off my costume with this awesome skeleton unitard I found on eBay for about £12. I love it and it really takes the overall look to a whole new level. 

I had so much fun creating and shooting this look, it really is my favourite time of year.
What are you dressing up as for halloween?
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Thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer