October is finally here! My halloween content has begun!
And what better place to start than with a Tim Burton classic.

Tim Burtons 1988 macabre comedy, Beetlejuice, celebrated it's 30th anniversary earlier on this year. It's a classic film full of so many iconic looks, so I thought it would be the perfect place to start for my halloween costume ideas! 

Beetlejuice has so many memorable characters and outfits that can easily be recreated to make the perfect halloween costume.

It was a tough one choosing what character and look I should do. I was so tempted by Beetlejuice, as my hair is currently green but my inner goth couldn't resist creating the classic Lydia Deetz look.

This is such an easy look to do, even more so for me as my wardrobe pretty much screams Lydia Deetz. I went for a layered black lace dress from H&M, an oversized sheer shirt and some thick black tights. Her style is all about layers and oversized garments, it's all very exaggerated.

The item that really brings the whole outfit together though is the iconic wide brimmed hat. This along with her trademark spiked bangs really completes the look. As for accessories I had to have an old film camera as Lydia is rarely seen without one throughout the movie. I also wanted to recreate the veiled outfit, I just love it so much! It's defiantly my favourite look from the film. I found this black net curtain and thought it would make the perfect veil, the best thing is that it only cost me a few quid!

I had so much fun becoming Lydia and creating these photos. Dressing up and becoming someone else has to be one of my favourite things about halloween. It's a chance to have fun and be creative.

 I have many more halloween looks to come throughout the month, I'm really excited to show you all what else I have created.

What's your favourite thing about halloween?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer