Summer is well and truly here. But, if your like me and love your black on black looks it can be a bit of a problem. Black clothing absorbs heat, so it can get pretty damn hot wearing black in the summer. Unfortunately avoiding this colour during the hotter months is not an option for me as it pretty much rules out my entire wardrobe, which lets face it is not practical or affordable.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't live your best goth life! Armed with the right type of clothing and a bottle of factor 50 you'll be ready to face the heat!

The best type of summer outfit is one that not only looks good but also feels good. You want to be comfy in what your wearing. I find that oversized, looser fitting garments, are the way to go as they allow for a nice airflow. This keeps your skin cool and stops your clothing from sticking to you as much as a tighter fitting items would. They're even better if you can get away without wearing a bra too!

For this look I went for a light weight, oversized, cropped jumper. I know, I know, a jumper in this weather!? You must think I'm mad but it can get surprisingly chilly in the evenings. This type of fit has to be my favourite in the summer as it really does keep you feeling cool throughout the day.  But if that's too hot for you then you can easily swap it for an oversized cropped t-shirt. 

Another way to keep cool in black is to swap your jeans for a skirt or a pair of shorts. I've really struggled this year to find a pair of black shorts that fit me well, I regret getting rid of my old pair! I have pretty chunky thighs so it's hard to find a pair that don't cut of my circulation when I sit down!

I had enough of looking for the perfect pair so I resorted to making my own from these jeans I found in my local charity shop for £4.99. This is such an easy and cheap modification to do, all you need to do is cut them to your desired length, you could always use an old pair of shorts as a guide. I cut my shorts a little bit longer than I wanted so I could turn them up, you could also fray and distress the hems if that's more your thing.  

As for shoes I went for a pair of platform trainers as I'm not really one for sandals or flip flops and it is way too hot for my Dr. Martens! I then finished off this look with a leg harness, some red tinted sunnies, for a bit of contrast and this really cute heart choker I was sent by Naomi Shu. I find that all of these little accessories really pull the whole look together, the silver accents run throughout the outfit from the sunglasses all the way to my shoes. 

So that's how I wear black in the summer. It really is all about wearing the right type of clothing, just remember loose fitting items are your friend in these hotter months! 

I hope you found this interesting and thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer