This weeks look is giving me goth spice realness and I am loving it! 
But would you believe that most of this outfit was thrifted costing me the grand total of £6.38!

I love to thrift, charity shops are just the best! I'm not gonna lie it can be hard work sometimes as you have to visit them pretty often to find the hidden gems, but it is so worth it in the end! I would say about a third of my wardrobe has come from charity shops. It's ethical, affordable, guilt free shopping that is ultimately going to a good cause, whats not to like?

As the saying goes "one mans trash is another mans treasure"

So I was pretty lucky the other week when I went thrifting as I came back with five items from one trip, that's pretty much a haul when it comes to charity shopping. It's not often I find a lot, I usually find pieces here and there throughout the month, so I couldn't believe my luck! In this look I'm wearing two out of the five items I found, the first being this dress. 

I like to wear black in the summer, but it can get pretty hot, what I love about this velvet smock dress is how oversized and loose fitting it is. This is a great way to get around wearing black in the summer, by sticking to looser garments it allows for more airflow and doesn't stick to your body like tighter fitting items will, therefore keeping you cooler. 

The other thrifted item in this look is this oversized sheer shirt. I don't always want to carry around a jacket when the weather is hot as nine times out of ten I don't need it. I find that wearing oversized shirts as an alternative to a jacket is a great compromise as it fits easily in your bag and it's always there if you get a bit chilly. 

I really love my sheer shirts but they can be quite expensive when brought new. Fortunately I've never had to buy one new as I seem to find loads in charity shops, I pretty much see one every time I thrift. I will always head for the bigger sizes when it comes to shirts as I like them oversized and floaty, the one I'm wearing here is a size 16. Keep an open mind when thrifting, I never limit my search to my actual size as I could potentially be missing out on a lot of great items. I love how these two items work together, it's not often you find garments when thrifting that compliment each other so well.

I finished off this look with these awesome flatform trainers I found on Ebay for £22.99. They are basically dupes of the Y.R.U Qozmo trainers. As a massive Spice Girls fan when I was younger my inner 8 year old is total obsessed with these shoes! I finally chucked on a few silver accessories to break up the solid black garments, finishing off the overall look. So that's how I keep it goth yet still keeping it cool in the warmer months. There is no such thing as too much black!!

Thanks for reading! 

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Photos by Jay Hillyer