If your like me and love your matte liquid lipsticks, you will know that you need a good base for a smooth and consistent application. I find one of the best ways to do this is with a lip scrub as it exfoliates whilst moisturising at the same time. I think we sometimes forget that our lips need just as much attention as everything else when it comes to our skin care routine, especially if you wear lipstick day in, day out. 

Last week I was sent a lip scrub to try out from a new independent brand called Skinny Scrubs. I'm always up for trying new beauty brands especially ones that are cruelty free and made from all natural products.

Skinny Scrubs launched with three classic flavours of lip scrub, vanilla, lemon and peppermint. However they have recently added two more rather unique flavours to their site that I personally haven't seen anywhere else before, geranium & frankincense and lemon & lavender. I'll definitely have to try these out at some point! 

I decided to try the 'Perfect Peppermint' lip scrub as I love mint, it's a classic and so refreshing. I've been using it for about a week now and I am just loving it! The formula is really simple and full of good, natural products such as coconut oil, white sugar and peppermint oil.   

I really like the texture of this product as some lip scrubs I've used in the past didn't have big enough particles to thoroughly exfoliate my lips. Skinny Scrubs formula is really chunky, with big sugar particles that really scrub and buff away at those dead skin cells. 

As for the flavour and smell it is so sweet and refreshing but not too overpowering. I love how it makes your lips feel tingly and it tastes so good too! 

Now, lets talk about the packaging, look how cute and adorable it looks! I also like the fact that it's glass rather than plastic too as it is more widely recycled. The product was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper as well, but lets face it I'm way to impatient to be taking any photos of it, I just really wanted to try the product out! 

After using this lip scrub my lips feel so smooth and moisturised, the coconut oil really helps this and stops the sugar from being too abrasive and drying. My lips are now primed, prepped and ready for any liquid lipstick. No matter how drying the formula I know that it's going to apply smoothly and last longer than it would if I didn't prep my lips before hand. 

I will definitely be buying some more of these homemade lip scrubs once I've used this one up! 
They are really affordable at £5 and you get a lot of product for the your money. 

Go check out their website below!


I'm really looking forward to seeing what other products they bring out!

Thanks for reading!