Gone are the warm days of summer, it's getting colder and the dark nights are rapidly drawing in. But it's not all doom and gloom, a new season means new clothes! and the best thing about autumn (other than halloween) is that it's the perfect season for layering. So bring out those cosy jumpers and oversized hoodies that have been stashed away all summer long and get layering up!

For this particular look I really wanted to focus on creating a transitional outfit, something that will work between the two seasons as the weather can be all over the place at this time of year. I decided on this cute, raw hem, denim skirt I brought a little while back in Primark for £8. It's a-line shape allows for a lot of leg room making it really comfy to wear. Here I have paired the skirt with my Dr Marten boots and some thin tights but as it gets colder I can add some thicker tights instead or even some thermals, so it is something that I can wear throughout the season.      

I wanted to keep this outfit really casual and comfortable so for the top half I chucked on this oversized slogan hoodie and a beanie. I love this hoodie so much it's so fluffy and warm, I've been wearing it non stop recently. Again it's another piece that can be worn throughout autumn all I would need to do when it gets colder is layer it up with a jacket and scarf. 

Overall this is a pretty basic outfit. I've kept a muted colour palette of grey and black, the only pop of colour in this look comes from the eyeshadow. I have to say I am loving the monochrome look at the moment, never be afraid of wearing too much of the same colour, just mix it up a bit with different tones and textures for a cool monochromatic look.      

Thanks for reading!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?


Photos by Jay Hillyer