I can't believe it's September already, it only seems like yesterday I was writing up my July favourites. Where has the time gone?

So summer is pretty much over now, not that we've had much of one this year, the weather has been dreadful! But despite the lack of sun this august, it was a really good month.

Now, onto August's favourites...


I love plaid shirts, they are comfortable, practical and extremely versatile. Recently I'd been raiding my local charity shops searching for the perfect shirt, but really struggled to find one with the right fit and colour plaid I was looking for. Fortunately when I went down to Brighton I came across this shirt in the vintage shop 'To Be Worn Again', it's definitely worth checking out if your in the area. I found this shirt on the sale rail for a fiver! It's oversized fit is perfect for layering and the colour is gorgeous, it will cross over really well into my autumn wardrobe.      


I was really excited when I found out Lazy Oaf and Dr. Marten were doing a collaboration. The collection consists of three pieces, a pair of shoes adorned with hearts, double platform jungle boots and a heart shaped satchel. I ended up treating myself to the jungle boots, my favourite item from the collection. I love how girly they are with the heart shaped zippers and frills yet they still retained the bad ass punk attitude of Dr Martens, this vibe is enhanced even further with the chunky platform. And if that wasn't enough Lazy Oaf has placed one of its whimsical slogans on the back of the boot. This is my favourite collaboration that Dr. Marten has done by far, the two brands just fit so perfectly together!  


I am like a magpie when it comes to shiny things, so this recent pvc trend really caught my eye. I feel that pvc has been a rather underrated fabric over the years, most people wouldn't think of wearing it as an everyday item, but recently this seems to be changing. I absolutely love how all the high street stores are now embracing it, from trousers and skirts to accessories, it's everywhere. I actually brought both of these items from Primark! The best thing about pvc is that the texture and shine really gives your outfit another dimension. Personally I would pair this skirt with a hoodie or jumper and my Dr. Martens, really dressing it down, making the pvc stand out.


I am absolutely obsessed with the colour yellow at the moment and really wanted to get hold of a yellow eyeshadow. I've been wearing a lot more eyeshadow recently and have slowly started to build up a collection of different colours. So when I saw this brights palette by NYX that featured three shades of yellow I knew I had to get it and at £16 it's dead cheap, especially for the amount of colours you get. I was really impressed with this palette all of the shades are so bold and pigmented they also blend together really well. I'm definitely looking forward to creating some new looks with these eyeshadows.


How cool are these! I spotted these beauties in H&M last month. They are so kitsch with all the gems and eyeballs, I just love how ornate and creepy they are at the same time. I personally believe that statement earrings are the best type of earrings, I am not one for small and dainty studs. The more weird and in your face the better, Pat Butcher eat your heart out!

So that was my August favourites, what were yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


All photos by me.