It's coming up to that time of year again and I couldn't resist creating a festival inspired ootd. 
I love festival season not just for the music but also the fashion. Everyone is just so extra and cool when it comes to festival outfits, I personally think we should bring it into our everyday looks a lot more often. I just love seeing what everyone does its so much more creative, inspiring and fun than most peoples every day look.

So a few weeks back Grindstore sent me some items to style up, this Guns N Roses tee being one of them. 
If you don't who Grindstore are, they're an online store for alternative clothing and band merch. I've been following and buying from them for years, ever since I got their catalogue in my Kerrang magazine way back when I was 16 years old! So it's pretty cool to be collaborating with them now!
I thought this oversized Guns N Roses tee would be perfect for a festival look, so I started from there. As it is pretty oversized I can get away with wearing it as a dress, which I love! If this is too short for you, you could always pop on a pair of cycling shorts underneath. Cycling shorts are a godsend and definitely a staple item you need in your wardrobe.  
So over the easter weekend I was browsing on depop and came across this Pretty Little Thing mesh / fishnet unitard. It was one of those items that you feel like you just need and at £8, with the labels still intact, I couldn't go wrong!
I am honestly obsessed with this fishnet unitard right now. I never would've thought about wearing a unitard until I came across this one. I think it's a great styling piece to layer and play around with, especially with oversized band tees. 
I admit I was a bit wary at first as on its own the unitard gives me major Mr Motivator vibes but I am so here for this Mr Motivator goth realness! Never knock anything until you try it, as you can always style it up. Go outside your comfort zone and take a risk! 
For the rest of this outfit it really is all about the accessories, tbh I wish I added even more! 
I threw on my favourite bum bag. I think these are great for festivals they look cool, keep your hands free and you can actually fit quite a bit in there too. I love the chain detailing on this, it looks like part of the outfit rather than just a bag.  
I am loving chains at the moment, if you didn't notice, I have quite a few but decided on this necklace from Primark as I liked the length. I then added a bandana for more rock and roll vibes and these awesome red tinted glasses which tie in with the t-shirt really well. I love a bit of colour co-ordination, who doesn't!?

To finish off the look I threw on an oversized denim jacket as I'm all about the layers, no one wants to be walking back to their tent all day to change because their cold! And finally a pair of comfy shoes. I am so in love with my New Rocks, they are honestly so comfy and just look so badass. I've barely taken them off since I brought them, definitely worth the money! 
I loved putting this look together, it's fun to play with different items that you wouldn't normally wear, such as this unitard. It makes you more creative and gives your wardrobe a lot more choice and variety.

I doubt this will be my only festival inspired look this year. So keep your eyes peeled, especially on Instagram as I may be doing a video or two. 

What do you think about festival fashion? Are you going to any this year?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!
Photos by Jay Hillyer