BOOTS - LA MODA (similar)

Okay if i'm honest this has to be my favourite outfit that I've ever put together. So sorry, in advance, for the amount of photo spam in this post! 

Now I originally put this outfit together for an alternative NYE look but I loved it so much that I actually ended up wearing it for a christmas party. I just couldn't wait! 

When it comes to NYE outfits not everything has to be glittery and sparkly (although I do have a few glittery alternatives in my next post!). There is also a beauty in keeping it simple and sleek, a little black dress is a classic and easy way to do this. As they say you can't really go wrong with a LBD!

This look is all about the layers, it's so cold this time of year so the more layers the better!
 I began this look with a simple black strappy cami dress I already had in my wardrobe. I love the length of this dress, it's really flattering and you don't have to worry about it riding up and exposing you, so that's always a bonus! 

Under the dress I added a pair of tights and a turtleneck mesh bodysuit to give me the neckline that I wanted. It's surprising how much warmer these extra layers will make you feel! Mesh is a great alternative to cover up as it still shows you a hint of what's underneath.    

By this point my outfit was still looking a bit too simple for my taste, I wanted to make it more interesting and edgy. I brought this harness on nasty gal a while back, I've wanted one for ages and this was the perfect outfit for it. I absolutely love this harness it really does pull the entire look together and cinches me nicely in at the waist, giving me that hourglass figure.

I wanted to continue my outfit into my outer wear, nothing ruins an outfit more than an ugly, out of place coat. Recently I've been doubling up my coat with a jacket, it not only keeps you warm but also looks visually interesting and unique. Here I have layered my faux leather jacket with my everyday black duster coat, I just love the way this looks, they are the perfect combo! 

I then finished off the look with a beret, a rose necklace I was kindly sent by Desideratum uk and my favourite pair of heels. It's all about those finishing touches that really completes a look. 

I love to take basic items and build them up into something different and unique. 
Everyone has basics in their wardrobe you just need to play with them and see what works. The only thing I specifically brought for this look that wasn't already in my current wardrobe was the harness and that was in the sale. This is such a great way to keep stylish on a budget.

Would you wear a simple look out for NYE? or are you more of a glitter and sequin lover? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer