I have been obsessed with this vinyl / PVC trend for a while now. From trousers and skirts to shoes and bags, it is just everywhere and I love it! My collection is slowly growing, I have a couple of skirts and a few PVC accessories, but what I wanted the most was a pair of PVC trousers. They are just so chic and edgy, I had to have a pair! 

So I'd been dying to get hold of some vinyl trousers for months but I really struggled to find a pair that actually fit me or suited my body shape. I'd tried so many styles from so many different brands, from New Look, H&M and River Island to Topshop and Primark, nothing fit right, some I couldn't even get past my knees, let alone past my bum! 

 I mean trousers can be hard enough to find at the best of times but add skintight PVC and it can become a bit of a chore. Personally I can range from a size 8 to a size 14 depending on where I shop. I love H&M but they are the worst offenders when it comes to this, their sizing is all over the place! There definitely needs to be more consistent or universal sizing system throughout high street stores because the variation in sizes across different brands is just absolutely crazy! 

I was getting to the point where I couldn't face struggling into another pair of skintight trousers, that I would just have to go without. So I tried my luck online and ordered these vinyl trousers from Pull & Bear in a size 12, I find it best to always go a size bigger when it comes to PVC trousers. 

 I was so exited yet still apprehensive when these turned up, to be honest I was expecting to send them right back. But after a bit of a wiggle and a few jumps I got them on! At last, a pair that fit! What I like about these ones is that they have a slight stretch to them, this definitely helps when putting them on. They also have such a flattering, high waisted cut that would suit a number of body shapes. The best thing though is that they only cost £19.99 so they don't break the bank. 

I'm so happy that I finally managed to find a pair that fit, I'm tempted to buy the red ones too but we'll see... 

So brace yourselves for a number of looks in these babies because there is gonna be a lot over the next few months!!

What do you think of this trend? Would you try it?
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Thanks for reading!  


Photos by Jay Hillyer