How is it still winter!? It has been so cold recently it feels like it's never ending! 
As you can tell winter is by far my least favourite season, I get cold way too easily. Over the last few months I've been trying to keep warm in the way that I dress, so for me hoodies have become a fashion staple. I love a good hoodie they are incredibly versatile and so easy to wear. Long gone are the days when they were associated with antisocial behaviour and slobs. From the runways to the high street, hoodies have had a major fashion overhaul and I am loving it!   

So the clothing brand NICCE have recently released a new range of contemporary hoodies and sweatshirts and I was kindly sent one to style and create an outfit with. If you like the minimal vibe and want some quality staple pieces for your wardrobe then head over to their website where you can find this women's grey sweatshirt along with a range of other neutral coloured hoodies, sweaters and jumpers. These are great items to have in your wardrobe as they can be worn all year round. Their minimal designs and neutral colour palettes will fit effortlessly into your existing wardrobe. I believe that you should always have high quality staples as these are the pieces that you wear day in, day out. They are the building blocks of every outfit.  
Now onto the look...

For this outfit I went for a more casual, everyday vibe as I like my comfort in the winter. Starting with the NICCE hoodie as a base I placed a contrasting turtle neck underneath and a black denim jacket on top. It's all about those warm, comfy layers when it comes to the colder months! I then threw on my favourite pair of skinny jeans, also in black, with fishnets underneath to break up the outfit and give it a bit of texture. I finished off the look with some 90s inspired accessories, from the oversized beret and round sunnies to the mini backpack and chunky Docs. I am actually obsessed with 90s fashion at the moment! 

The overall look I have created is very minimal. The use of block, contrasting colours emphasises this and really gives this casual outfit a clean and contemporary feel.  

How would you style this hoodie?
Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!


Photos by Jay Hillyer

*This post was sponsored by NICCE