It's been well over a month since my last post, I unintentionally took some time out from blogging, but now I'm back feeling refreshed and with a whole new look.

So you may have noticed I'm missing some hair, about 12 inches to be precise. After weeks of umming and ahhing I finally decided to go for the chop! It's been years since I had my hair short and I'm loving it. My long hair was just feeling so stale and was long overdue a change, also it's a hell of a lot easier to manage!

Now onto this weeks look...

All the leaves have fallen and we're well on our way to winter, and yes it's finally cold enough to pull out my faux fur coat (yay!). I love my fur coats, this one is a beautiful mottled brown, I got it a few years back and it's lasted really well considering how much I wear it.

Underneath the coat is my favourite part of this outfit. I came across this denim shirt in a charity shop in the summer for £4.99. The shirt itself is from Marks and Spencers, however the previous owner has hand embroidered this lovely eagle motif on the pockets and back panel, they have also stitched all along the edges and seams with complimenting red and green thread. This top is so unique and really well done, I can't believe someone gave it away! What impresses me the most is the detail and work that has gone into creating something like this, it's even inspired me to have ago at embroidering my own shirts.

This is a great example of how rewarding trawling through the charity shops can be, where else would you come across something as unique as this?!

Finally I finished this look with a pair of black jeans and my trusty Docs, pulling it all together with this cute little mustard yellow bobble hat.

Have you ever found anything unique or hand made when shopping in charity shops?

Photos by Jay Hillyer