Don't you just love it when it rains on your days off!!

Well despite the dreadful weather I decided to make my way down to Birmingham on Saturday to attend a vintage weigh & pay event.

Now if you don't know what a vintage weigh and pay is it's pretty self explanatory, it's basically a venue full of vintage clothing ready to be picked by you, however nothing has a price, it's all about the weight. This particular weigh and pay is £15 a kilo and if your careful you can get quite a bit for your money, it's all about finding those light fabrics.  

Most weigh & pays cost to get in, its only a few quid and you can come and go all day as you please. Personally I like to get their early as there is normally a lot more choice, the good thing about this weigh & pay though is that they keep on replenishing the stock every hour, so not all the good stuff goes early.

I've been to a few kilo sales before and I have to say this is the best one i've been to by far!  There was a broad range of quality stock for both men and women. It was also very organised everything was on rails and separated into sections, there was also a fitting room which is very helpful as vintage clothing ranges so much in size!     

Below are the items I brought, I limited myself to £30 which is two kilos and was definitely surprised at how much I got!

Levi Denim Vest

You can't go wrong with Levi's, I've been wanting a denim vest for a while now but didn't want to fork out £50 which seems to be the average price for one of these in most high street stores. So Rock and Roll! 

Zip up Bralet

This top is very Madonna, think 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. I really liked the print on this bralet and it will go really well under my pinafore dress. 

Patterned Shirt

Again I just loved the print! It's what caught my eye. 

Patterned Oversized Shirt

You can never have too many shirts! I absolutely love classic dad shirts they look great and are soooo comfy! This shirt is really big I'm thinking of adding some elastic around the waist to make a dress, we will see... 

Tartan Dress

This dress is such a brilliant colour and looks so good on, I will probably alter it by making it a bit shorter as I don't really suit long dresses. 

Floral Dress

This dress is SO Gwen Stefani, I've been looking for a while now for a floral dress I can pair with my Dr. Martens and this is just perfect!

Silk Scarfs

And finally, to round it up I got these two silk scarfs which will be used as headbands / bandanas.

So my day turned out to be pretty good despite the bad weather (which always seems to put me in a bad mood!) I managed to get eight items for £30 that's £3.75 per item! Bargain! 

I definitely believe that you should go to at least one vintage weigh and pay. It's such a fun way to find unique vintage clothing that isn't over priced. So next time one comes up, go along, it's a good day out!