Over the past few years dying your hair grey has become ever more popular. This trend has definitely become a lot more mainstream since the start of this year, so much that high street shops are providing products to make the process easier. 

I had been itching to dye my hair grey for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge! 

I had two options, I could either go to a salon or do it myself. Ideally it would have been great to go and get it done professionally but lets face it, we don't always have the money to do so and I certainly didn't. So DIY it was!

I wanted to share with you all how I finally achieved my grey ombre hair, as when I was researching it before hand there wasn't too many tutorials or definite ways to achieve this elusive colour, particularly when it came to dark hair.   

Please note that I am by no means an expert this is just how I achieved my hair colour.  
Also I warn you if you have naturally dark hair it's a pretty long process!

These are the products I used : 

All of this cost me under £50 you can get all of these products from high street stores such as Savers, Boots and Superdrug. 

The first product I used was BLEACH LONDON's DIY DIP DYE. I really liked this product and it was very easy to use. It's basically bleach but it also comes with a really handy blending lotion, this is applied before the bleaching process and helps graduate the colour, giving a softer blend between the two shades.     

I was really pleased with the result but knew I would have to bleach it at least once more to achieve my final goal. I waited for about two weeks before I bleached again as I didn't want to damage my hair. I also used BLEACH LONDON's REINCARNATION HAIR MASK, it's a brilliant product and leaves your hair so hydrated and soft, a big tube of this cost £6. (A smaller tube also comes with the dip dye kit)

Two weeks later I decided to use a stronger bleach in attempt to lift the colour further, I went with JEROME RUSSELL's BBLONDE bleaching kit. This lifted my hair to a very yellow blonde. 

To remove the yellow from my hair I used a silver toner also by JEROME RUSSEL. This toner is purple, don't be alarmed though! it's all about colour theory, the opposite to yellow on the colour wheel is purple, so naturally it cancels out brassy, yellow tones.   

I really wanted to get my hair as white as possible as it is a lot easier to get it grey / silver when there is a blank canvas to work from. However, after another fortnights wait I bleached it one more time and it didn't really do anything, so I assumed my hair wasn't going to go any lighter and didn't want to damage it any further. I continued to use the toner, hair mask, oil and silver shampoo / conditioner whilst I searched for a grey hair dye.

I came across this brand in Superdrug, it looked very promising as it was permanent and most other grey products I found were semi-permanent or wash out. I looked up some of the reviews for this particular dye and it didn't look good, a lot of people found it turned their hair a completely different colour from purples to greens and left it very patchy. Despite this I decided to give it a chance and brought it in the shade Graphite Grey.    

The instructions for this dye stated that their should be no yellow or brassy tones in your hair whatsoever as it may react differently. So make sure you keep on using the toner and silver shampoo before hand to remove all traces of yellow, bringing your hair to an ash blonde. 

So as soon my hair was a clean ash blonde I put on the COLOUR FREEDOM hair dye, I was pretty nervous as it took me so long to get to blonde and didn't want this product to mess it up! Once I rinsed it off and gave it a blow dry I realised that I finally hit the holy grail of grey hair! 

I was so happy that the product worked as it is such a simpler way to get to grey than through the use of toner and semi-permanent products. To finish off my hair I dyed the top, which is naturally a dark brown, to a midnight black with GARNIER OLIA as this complimented the cool tones in the grey.  

So that is how I got my hair to this colour! I hope this helps you out if your thinking of embracing the grey.