I love shopping in charity shops, Its where I find a lot of my clothes. I think its an affordable, economical and fun way to shop, there's a kind of thrill finding a beautiful item hidden away that no one else has discovered.

Now some people will dismiss going in charity shops straight away, refusing to wear old, worn and musty smelling clothes! This is such a misjudgment! There are so many unworn clothes with the labels still intact that people never got round to wearing, for a fraction of the original price! I find that this is quite common due to the fast fashion we see nowadays.

There are also lots of vintage items and even one off pieces that people have made. This is perfect if you are looking for something original and a little bit different from the high street. After all it's always better to stand out than blend in!



Just because you didn't find anything doesn't mean you should write off that particular store. You need to return on a regular basis as new stock is always coming in and the good stuff goes quick!


Normally impulse shopping is seen as a bad thing but when it comes to charity shops if you see something you want get it! as it might not be there next time.


Don't just looks for your size you may find some great items of clothing that can either be worn oversized or altered to fit. Also different brands and vintage clothing vary in size and may not be accurate to todays measurements. 


Shop in the mens section if you are a woman and visa versa. Personally I have found some of the best items in the mens section, you just need to get creative and think outside the box. 


Check garments for possible wear and tear, is it too far gone? or can it be revived? A while back I found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly but there was a stain on the leg so I brought them and cut them into a pair of shorts removing the fabric with the stain on.  


Be cheeky and ask to look out the back if you are looking for a particular item. The worst they can say is no. You don't ask, you don't get.


Remember to donate your unworn clothes for someone else to love and reuse. 

A few pieces i've found in charity shops.

Topshop Bralet I found with the label still intact for £2.99! Original price was £20!

Oversized patterned shirt £3.99

Pair of mens jeans I altered, cutting them into shorts, £4.99

These are only a few examples of the items i've found in charity shops, check out my Instagram where I regularly post up my charity shop hauls (link to the right).
Now go on and head to your local charity shop to see what treasures you can find!